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Written by Kimberly Jennery   
Sunday, 16 September 2007

Approach to Therapy

Eileen Bobrow’s approach to therapy is both practical and caring. Most people have problems that need immediate redress, and Eileen’s approach is goal focused and designed to provide relief in the here and now.

As each client’s situation is different, each therapy is individually designed. Eileen employs research-proven techniques for changing problems and works collaboratively to be as time-effective as her clients need. The emphasis is on change and on strengths.

Depending on the desire of the client and the nature of the problem, others who can be involved in the solutions might be asked to participate. Frequently “homework” is assigned so that change is actively being pursued both outside and inside that therapy office.

Problems Commonly Brought To Therapy
Stress and Anxiety
Need for Change in Marriage or Romantic Relationship
Problems with Children and Adolescents
Workplace Issues
Significant Life Decisions
Behavioral Medicine and Medical Hypnosis
Training and Consultation for Clinicians
Agency Consultations and Training